Our Approach to Work

The approaches we use include

Child Rights as a framework for action

Legal frameworks, polices and reports that inform CRRECENT’s work on children and youth include national as well as international documents which include: National Constitutions; Laws on Children; Juvenile Justice Laws; Early Childhood Development Policies; Gender and Child Policies; National Policy Guidelines on Orphans and other Children made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and Conflict; UN Convention on the Rights of Children; A World Fit for Children (UNICEF); International Labour Organisation Convention 182 on the worse forms of labour; The African Charter on the rights and welfare of the Child.

Research and evidence-based policy advocacy

CRRECENT employs evidence-based approach in the formulation of programme concepts and implementation and mobilisation of civil society to engage with policy makers

Gender analysis and main streaming and promotion of girls and young women participation rights

CRRECENT strategically pursues programmes for gender equality and social inclusion for girls, young women.

Working in partnership, alliances and networks with others on common issues and manages a platform for discussions and consensus building on children’s issues for action

Strategic partnership is pursued with development partners, government partners and the private/business sectors and creates alliances with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), traditional authorities and other stakeholders to mobilise and educate communities and increase their influence in national and district resource management and secure tangible improvements in education and welfare resource allocation and service for poor and disadvantage children.

Social enterprise programmes to address the root cause of child deprivation.