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Child Research and Resource Centre – CRRECENT is a civil society organization that focuses on evidence-based programmes to promote child and youth rights and development as a direct function of national development.

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CRRECENT’s work is funded by donations and grants from individuals, corporate organizations, grant partners and through other fundraising activities.

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Our Core Values

Our Vision
We envision a well-integrated society that recognizes children in every sector and creates the necessary space and opportunity to respond to their developmental needs.

Our Philosophy
Every child, given the opportunity and protection by society, can optimize his/her abilities and grow to lead an independent, responsible adult life.

Our Strategic Goal
A Vibrant and Sustainable CRRECENT impacting positively on Children, Youth and the Vulnerable.

Our Core Values
 Mutual Respect
 Transparency and Accountability

Legal Status
CRRECENT is registered under the Ghana Companies Code, 1963 (ACT 179) as a private voluntary non-profit sharing company limited by guarantee. It has a Certificate of Incorporation No. G14, 317 dated October 21, 2004 (New – CG183672015), and a Certificate to Commerce Operation No. G14, 317 dated October 22, 2004 having complied with the provisions of Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Code, 1963

Our Theory of Change

We believe that development is about increasing possibilities and capacities of individuals to make the most of their potentials to live as full resourceful persons and together with others create caring, supportive and accountable societies.

Community and national development to us is about respecting, protecting, promoting and meeting basic rights of people including that of children for human dignity, development and survival. We believe in a well-integrated society that recognises children in every sector and creates the necessary space and opportunity to respond to their developmental needs.

We also believe that every child, given the opportunity and protection by society, can optimise his/her God-given abilities and grow to lead an independent, responsible adult life.

CRRECENT believes that rights and responsibilities of children living under challenging circumstances can be realised through research, evidence-based policy advocacy, sustained and purposeful conscientisation of children and individuals living with deprived children and their institutions supported by creating concrete alternative that challenge and address structural causes and consequences of child poverty.

CRRECENT re-enforces the principle of non-compartmentalization of the child’s development and brings to the fore the multisectoral nature of children’s issues and the urgent need to tackle such at both Policy and programmatic levels.

CRRECENT targets children and youth, adults working with children and policy makers in its operations.

Beneficiaries under our programmes include:
Vulnerable and challenged children (0-18) in the areas of child rights; child survival and development; education and protection.
Challenged youth (19-25) in life changing programmes (education and skill development) to prepare them for successful independent live.

Juvenile Justice

Boys and girls who come into conflict with the law and are placed in Correctional Centers and Remand Homes are victims of poor parental care and are mainly from rural and urban communities in Ghana. In 2011 we conducted a sponsored research on the Juvenile Justice System in Ghana which revealed several gaps in the justice delivery for juveniles especially at the re-integration and aftercare phase. With support from REACH FOR CHANGE, we took it up and began a structured reintegration and aftercare programme for discharged juveniles.
We have enrolled 274 discharged boys and their families in the re-integration programme since the beginning of the project in 2011. The ages of the juveniles in the programme ranged between 16 and 24 years. We deliver various forms of support and services to beneficiaries who are at varying levels of stability and progress.

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development embodies several fields such as health and nutrition, early childhood education, infant stimulation, community development, women’s development, psychology, sociology among others.
It is now recognized universally that intellectual, emotional and physical development, socialization and acquisition of culture, all combine to shape a young child’s life
According to John Bowlby, a noted British psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, the separation of mother and child in their early years could lead to such problems in children as depression and delinquency. This is where CRRECENT’s Juvenile Justice Programme meet its Early Childhood Programme. A good early childhood intervention can avert delinquency and crime.

Girls Empowerment

Girls and young women are the most affected by poverty across the world especially those in rural and urban rural communities.
Girls and women experience physical and psychological violence in the form of sexual abuse. We know that helping girls gain access to school, stay in school and progress to the highest level is the key to changing lives for good, not that of girls alone but that of families. Together with communities we create Child Protection Committees to develop School Performance and Improvement Plans (SPIP) and implement development activities that will improve the school environment and make it safer for girls. So we work with communities to promote education for girls, help parents afford the costs and toilet facilities, and run girls’ clubs and mentoring projects to support them through school.

Child & Youth Policy

We are currently working on the Teenage Mothers Economic Empowerment Programme.

Read more about the program here.


CRRECENT seeks to fill a gap in data and information on children from civil society perspective to support evidence-based advocacy and other interventions for children.

CRRECENT undertakes surveys, studies and evaluation in partnership with stakeholders into issues of children and youth. Information so generated from the surveys and studies on children are used to plan interventions for them.

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