Over the years, CRRECENT has partnered with various local and foreign universities and organizations to bring programs, research work and policy-based advocacy to decision makers, policy makers for the development and protection of children, young people and their communities. Meanwhile, helping to realize the vision of CRRECENT. Working with interns and organizations with shared visions, values, passions, and beliefs, brings beneficial insight and impact on the work of CRRECENT. 

Wilfrid Laurier University 

From 2018, Wilfrid Laurier University, based in Ontario Canada, has partnered with CRRECENT to host Summer interns to fulfill work in Ghana. The internship program offers a collaborative experiential learning opportunity for students to learn about NGOs in Africa, their structures, functions and the work they do and the communities they work in, as well as exchanging cultural experiences through community work. 

2023 Interns from Wilfrid Laurier University on the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee scholarship, interning for three months in Ghana. Passionate about child development and human rights issues, Makilda Addico (second from right) and Julia Bianchi (right), aimed to broaden their cultural perspectives and develop their professional and academic careers at CRRECENT. 

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