CRRECENT Research and Documentation/Information Bureau

CRRECENT seeks to fill a gap in data and information on children from civil society perspective to support evidence-based advocacy and other interventions for children.

CRRECENT undertakes surveys, studies and evaluation in partnership with stakeholders into issues of children and youth. Information so generated from the surveys and studies on children are used to plan interventions for them.

Some Research and Studies (Excluding Intervention Programmes):

Title of Researches/EvaluationsYearComment
Development of National Code of :Behaviour for Pre-tertiary Learners in Ghana2020- on goingCommissioned by Ghana Education Service/Guidance and Counselling Unit
  Development of Guidelines for GBV prevention and response in schools and communities2020  Commissioned by Savana Signatures
GESI(gender equality and social inclusion) analysis for an on-going project titled Strategic Approaches to Girls Education2018Commissioned by World Education Inc.
Research on Effects of Teen Motherhood on Children born to teen mothers.2018/2019Commissioned by Plan International Ghana.
Evaluating Child Protection system strengthening at the district level2016-2018Commissioned by Unicef.   Partnered Oxford Policy Management, UK
Effects of Teen Motherhood on Children born to teen mothers2018Commissioned by Plan International Ghana
Baseline study for Young Urban Women Programme2014Commissioned by Actionaid Ghana
Public Sector Reform for Children; Government Structures Process and Coordination and Decision-making – The Case of Civil Registration2012 – 2013Commissioned by Innocenti (UNICEF – New York and Italy – Local Partner under the supervision of Chief Child Protection Officer, Research Office Innocenti.
Longitudinal Study on Enhancing girls’ capabilities to challenge violence and gendered inequality2011 -2013Commissioned by Action Aid/Institute of Education, University of London;
Situational Analysis on Early Childhood Development in Ghana for Scaling up KG education – Decentralization2011Commissioned by DFID & Cambridge University
Transition and Persistence Programme with gender perspectives in Education2010/11PLAN International & Plan Ghana United States Aid (USAID)
Baseline Studies in Violence against Girls in School in Nanumba North and South Districts (Ethnic Conflict Zone in Northern Ghana)2010/11Action Aid/Institute of Education, University of London
Mapping of National Child Protection Systems in Ghana2010Collaboration between CRRECENT and Child Frontiers (Australia) and UNICEF
Evaluation of UNICEF-Government of Netherlands Cooperation Programme in Early Childhood Development in Ghana.2010Collaboration between CRRECENT and Mathematica Policy Research Inc. of the USA and UNICEF
Baseline study in Juvenile Justice Administration in Ghana2010Commissioned by Plan Ghana
Child Rights Situational Analysis in Ghana for the period (2002-2009)2009/10For Plan Ghana
Research into the participation rights of young girls and its relevance to Democracy in Ghana2010Funded by Ghana Research and Advocacy Programme (G-RAP)
Research in Child Sexual Abuse in Schools2008Commissioned by Plan Ghana
Evaluation of National Programme on Children’s Spiritual Formation and Nurture Programmes in schools and communities in Ghana for the period 2002- 2007.2008Commissioned by World Vision (Ghana)
Donor Mapping for child labour and related abuses in Ghana2008Commissioned by ILO/IPEC, Ghana
The Ghanaian Youth: Democracy and Development- Educational Reform Policies and their socio-economic implications for youth development in Ghana2007Collaborative work with Institute for Democratic Governance (2007).

Non-Research Programmes
• Girl Power Programme in 42 Schools & 50 communities in the Akuapim North District (Empowering the girl child and the young woman in participation rights and skill development through the educational system).
• Re-integration of ex-inmates from Correctional Centres through education and skill development.
• School-based empowerment programme for girls participation in governance.
• Longitudinal/tracking study on violence against girls in Nanumba North and South Districts (Ethnic Conflict Zone in Ghana).
• Child Policy Advocacy Forum.