CRRECENT has a two tier governance structure composed of an Assembly and the Board. The Assembly is composed of Associate Members. This structure enables the number of Members to grow while maintaining a relatively small board for effective oversight of management.

The relationship between CRRECENT and its Associate Members is spelt out in the CRRECENT Constitution. The Assembly is the overarching governance body of CRRECENT and reserves certain powers and functions to itself including the approval of Strategy, approval of CRRECENT Chair and Board Members. The Assembly meets at least once a year in its Annual General Meeting.

The CRRECENT Board is responsible for the ongoing governance of the organisation. The Board meetings are convened at least four times a year. The Board continues to delegate the day-today operations to the principal officers who comprise an executive leadership team of full-time senior management.

There are provisions in the constitution for the Board Members themselves to elect up to one third of the Board to ensure that it maintains the necessary balance of expertise and gender. The tenure of the Board Members and the various Committees are elaborated in the Board of Directors’ Manual.

The executive leadership team is led by the Chief Executive and comprises of Executive Directors and other Key Heads of Units.